Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Door Construction


The quality of our cope n’ stick doors are unmatched. Crafted with only the finest in raw material, including the highest grade and hand selected lumber available, the cope n’ stick doors are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All of Brakur’s cope n’ stick doors are machined with state of the art computer controlled equipment for exact tolerances and the insertion of dowels in every joint. This enables Brakur to produce the tightest overall construction, which ensures the beauty and strength of every door.



A door takes more abuse and strain than any other component in a cabinet. We realize that our doors must be rugged, sturdy, and strong. All of Brakur’s mitered doors are produced with mortise and tennon construction. This method is not new to the industry, but Brakur has perfected this proven method by the use of computer controlled machinery that enables us to change the depth of mortise and/or the length of the tennon to create the most efficient and strongest mitered joint. So whichever door style you choose, you can rest assured that the door was built to last, and manufactured to the highest industry standards.