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Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen

Your Dream Kitchen is waiting

The kitchen has been called the “heart of the home”. It’s where families for generations have always congregated and bonded over food preparation.  At Brakur, we do more than build cabinets, we build dream kitchens.  From concept through final installation, our designers will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

It starts with a concept. A representative from Brakur will come to your house, examine your current kitchen space and offer ideas. Together you will explore the possibilities and options that fit your lifestyles. Our design team then drafts concepts that are much more than just beautiful cabinets, but born of functionality. Our focus is to layout all kitchen elements to simplify and streamline the tasks performed. Like strategically placing the dishwasher, creating an island cooktop, or a breakfast bar for kids on the go.

Once the layout is approved, we will review the specifics— hardware, countertops, and wood types. You will have a chance to see and touch the materials that will be used. After that, the cabinets are constructed, delivered and installed.

If you have a dream kitchen in mind, call us today!