Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Eco Friendly Cabinetry

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Green Building Guidelines

  • All products used meet or exceed KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America) green standards in conjunction with the Composite Panel Association (CPA). All panel products are EPP certified products.
  • 5.1.5 Ensure particleboard, medium Density fiberboard (MDF) and hardwood plywood substrates are certified to low formaldehyde emission standards ANSI A208.1, ANSI A208.2, and ANSI/HPVA HP1, respectfully.
  • All hardwood lumber is purchased from mills that are following sustainable forestry practices.


75% of eco friendly finished products are finished locally at Brakur and finishes used emit no greater HAPS than allowed by the ILEPA and EPA regulations.

Adhesives used in construction of cabinets and laminate tops are water based emitting no HAPS.

Resource Management-Process

  • Brakur has a program for tracking and reducing process wastes with documented goals and reports(EPA Guidelines)
  • Brakur has an active recycling program for process wastes with regard to solvent waste and cardboard usage. All wood wastes are grinded.


Environmental Stewardship

  • Brakur reviews environmental practices and policies of its key vendors.
  • Brakur purchases raw materials locally, therefore reducing many transportation and energy emissions.

FSC: Forest Stewardship Council
EPP: Environmentally Preferable Product