Brakur Custom Cabinetry

Painted Cabinets


    1. 4” X ¾” Plywood toe space with mitered corners (no end grain visible), 3 ¼” depth. All toe kicks are finished, no need to add skins after installation.
    2. 5/8” Plywood Natural Birch UV oven cured finished floor.
    3. ¼” Plywood back panel with matching Birch UV oven cured finish.
    4. 6 1/2″ Tall Plywood hanging rail. The largest in the industry.
    5. ¾” wood corner stabilizer block insure support during shipping and handling. Also used to mount tops to cabinetry.
    6. ¾” Plywood on all finished ends of cabinetry with UV oven cured finished interiors. 5/8” Plywood ends on all raw ends of cabinetry with natural birch UV oven cured coated finished interiors
    7. ¾” Plywood shelving with birch UV oven cured coated finish
    8. 1 ¾” Matching solid wood face frames. Solid wood stiles will vary in width based on placement.
    9. Solid Wood Doors attached with your choice of 4 way adjustable hinges. Available in a wide array of different designs. (See Door Construction)
    10. Solid wood drawer fronts. Available in a wide array of different designs, including framed drawers and applied molding drawers.
    11. Adjustment slot for easy adjustment of drawer fronts.
    12. Solid wood 5/8″ Thick Drawer Box. Manufactured with high end dovetail joinery. Our drawer boxes are made of Aspen wood with a UV oven cured finish. ¼” UV Cured finish Plywood drawer bottoms are dadoed into the drawer box on all four sides. This ensures the highest quality drawer.
    13. Unmatched in our industry as a standard glide, Brakur installs the Grass Dynamic NT concealed roller bearing full access drawer runner. This track has been known as the workhorse of Americas’ undermount slide. This fully concealed drawer track features a 75 lbs dynamic load rating, quiet and smooth sliding action, and allows for full view of contents in the drawer. Also includes front fixing bracket with integrated height adjustment. Also available in a soft close option.