For Builders

5 Reasons Why Brakur Custom Cabinets is Great for Builders and Contractors

  1. Quality
    Brakur Custom Cabinetry has a 50-year reputation of manufacturing some of the best cabinetry in the business. Our name is synonymous with Quality. Builders have their own reputation at stake, so they count on Brakur to provide the exceptional craftsmanship they provide to their customers.
  2. Cost Incentives
    We know that builders and contractors are great partners, and we have worked hard to maintain those relationships. That means providing cabinetry that fits within the homeowner’s budget. Brakur has incentives and packages for our builders and contractors based on several criteria. Talk to us today. We might be more affordable than you think.
  3. Turnaround
    Construction is a deadline-driven business. We know that builders have deadlines throughout the construction process. Brakur has the manpower and expertise to meet deadlines.
  4. Service
    Brakur’s after-install service is second to none. We are not “one and done” like the big box stores. We know our work is exceptional. So if there is a problem after the cabinets are installed or adjustments to be made, we send a technician out to work with the homeowner or the builder to quickly resolve any issue. Who else does that?
  5. Design
    We have design experts to work with you or the homeowner to design the system to meet the customers needs or desires. You can focus on building, let Brakur worry about keeping the homeowner happy with some of our award winning designs. Let Brakur take care of the kitchen for you!

At the end of the day, we provide the level of quality and service that builders count on. Let us be the last cabinetry provider you’ll ever need.