Metal “Brakur” Logo Blum Hinge Cover Caps

Metal “Brakur” Blum hinge cover caps. Must match existing to ensure proper fit to hinges

Price: .44 plus tax & Shipping

Plastic “Brakur” Logo Blum Hinge Cover Cap

Brakur Logo Blum hinge Cover Cap. Must match existing cover caps to ensure fit.

Price: .34 plus tax & Shipping

Solid Walnut Cutting Board with Drippings Groove 15″ X 21″ X 3/4″

New to Brakur and made right here in the USA by our quality woodworkers. Our brand of cuttings boards are made of solid wood in the species specified. Our food safe seasoning wax moisturizes and conditions, seals and protects, resists odors and staining, and is naturally cleansing with a fresh aroma. We only use simple pure ingredients and is completely natural. No mineral oil is used. Cutting board oil contains only natural bees wax and coconut oil. Sorry-sushi, chopsticks, and knife not inlcuded.

Price: introductory price 89.99 + Tax & Shipping

Coming Soon- More Wood Cutting Boards

Blum 3/4″ Overlay Integrated Soft Close – Backplate sold separately

Looking to change your old hinges to soft close? This is the solution. Replacing these hinges is a simple DIY project. It's as easy as 2 screws per hinge, replacing, and re-adjusting. That's it. This hinge replaces 3/4" overlay hinges only. These hinges are not for inset doors.

Price: 7.89 + tax & Shipping

Soft-Close Device

The Soft-Close Device for Wooden Drawers upgrades nearly any set of standard epoxy-coated slides so that the drawer eases itself shut with barely a whisper. It combines a self-closing mechanism with a soft-close damper, engaging in the final 3'' of the drawer's travel. When retrofitting old cabinet drawers, you'll get quiet, cutting edge performance at a very reasonable cost. Installation is easy and intuitive, involving only four screws: two for the cabinet member and two for the drawer. This device is designed for epoxy-coated mounted on Brakur drawers. Very heavy drawers and those that are wider than 23'' will require two devices, one on either side. . This includes (1) Soft-Close Device for Wooden Drawers (cabinet member)(1) Activator (drawer member)(4) Mounting Screws.

Price: $8.00 Each + Tax & Shipping

5 Pack of Microfiber Towels

These microfiber towels are great for all types of cleaning. They are super soft, super durable, washable 100’s of times and allow for deeper cleaning while using less chemicals. Not color specific, use these towels for lint free and scratch free cleaning of your Brakur Cabinetry. Towels are 16″ X 16″.

Price: $12.50 + Tax & Shipping

Daily Counter Cleaner

This product is great to use on surfaces such as granite, laminate, solid surface or quartz counters. Use this product as often as needed to remove dirt and grime from counter tops made from natural stone such as polished marble, granite, limestone, travertine and it is also great on ceramic tile and other hard washable surfaces. Also wonderful for laminate counters. Simply spray it onto the surface and wipe away soul using a soft towel, no rinsing, no streaking, no residue. For best results use Microfiber Towels. Daily Counter Cleaner will not damage polished natural stone or other high or low ph sensitive surfaces. For maxium protection use “Weekly Counter Polish” on a regular basis to prevent damage caused by spills and the elements. DIRECTIONS: Always protect neighboring surfaces that are not compatible with product. Remove all losse dirt and debris from counters. Ready to use. Spray directly onto surface and wipe away dirt and grime with a soft absorbent towel, microfiber is preferred. No rinsing is required. For added shine and protection us “Weekly Counter Polish” weekly. - Counter Cleaner for Polished Marble, Granite, Limestone, Travertine & Ceramic Tile, laminate, quartz, and solid surface - Simple Spray & Wipe Formula. No Scrubing - Can be used Daily to Remove Dirt & Grime - Neutral PH - No Harsh Acids or Abrasives - Fresh Neutral Scent

Price: $18.99 + Tax & Shipping

Citrus Shine

Citrus Shine is our favorite product for maintaining fine woods and lacquer finishes. It comes out in a foam that is easy to control and will pull dirt out of crevices. It contains NO silicone or wax which can cause build up. It dusts, cleans, restores, polishes, and shines many surfaces. Works great on plastics, formica, cabinets. For best results use with Microfiber Towels (found on this website). Contains No chlorinated solvents. Fresh Citrus Scent. FOR USE ONLY WITH BRAKUR 50 SHEEN PRODUCTS!! DO NOT USE ON DULL RUB (5 SHEEN) or 20 SHEEN CABINETS from Brakur. Using this product on Dull Rub (5 Sheen) or 20 Sheen cabinets will cause a shine on your cabinetry instead of the intended duller effect.

Price: $12.99 + Tax & Shipping

Wood Cleaner

SoClean Wood Floor Cleaner is a special formula designed to safely clean your Brakur Cabinetry. Use SoClean full-strength as packaged, do not dilute! Simply spray and wipe surface clean. Use with Microfiber towel for best results. Soclean Wood Floor Cleaner will leave your cabinets noticeably cleaner than the leading brand name product! This is because Soclean doesn’t have an alcohol base, so your cabinets will not dull or have any residue when you are finished!! Streak Free beautiful cabinets are easy with Soclean Wood Floor Cleaner!

Price: $16.99+ Tax & Shipping

Weekly Counter Polish

* Beautifier and Protector * Seals, & Protects * Restores Color and Increases Shine * Can Be Used To Protect Glass Shower Doors * Specifically designed for porous and non-porous counter tops such as granite, marble, Corian, Formica, ceramic tile and other hard surfaces. * Safe on all fixture finishes. * Great for use in kitchens and bathrooms. * Use on cleaned glass shower doors to repel water and soap scum. Use Daily Counter Cleaner to clean and maintain surfaces and Weekly Counter Polish to protect and make future cleaning easier!! Weekly Counter Polish can safely be used on any above-the-floor hard surface to protect and make future cleaning easier!!!

Price: $19.99 + Tax & Shipping

8701-3 Double Demountable Hinge

Clamp System attached hinge to frame and door-3 way adjustment Bright Brass Plated 1/4″ Overlay, Wrap Around For 3/4″ Thick Doors that overlay Frames

Price: $4.50 + Tax & Shipping

8701-G9 Double Demountable Hinge

Clamp System attached hinge to frame and door-3 way adjustment Sterling Nickel Plated 1/4″ Overlay, Wrap Around For 3/4″ thick Doors that overlay frames

Price: $7.58 + Tax & Shipping

Blum Hinge Backplate

Nickel Plated For 3/4″ Overlay Hinge (Hinge sold Separately)

Price: $2.00 + Tax & Shipping

Blum 170 Degree Clip Top Hinge

Half cranked Backplate in picture sold separately. Hinge Only. Designed for face frame cabinets, these nickel-plated hinges offer a large 170º opening capacity for greater access to cabinet drawers and pullout shelves. Snap-closing action and clip-on assembly provide added performance and installation convenience. 35 mm hinge cup hole. Price per individual hinge.

Price: $11.15 + Tax & Shipping

Blum Hinges (Backplate Sold Separately)

All Metal Hinge, Nickel plated Self Closing 3/4″ Overlay for 3/4″ Thick doors, hinge bored into Door

Price: $6.95 + Tax & Shipping

Drawer Bracket

Molded Plastic Used for support of Drawer Runners inside cabinet Packing: 1 left and 1 right drawer bracket

Price: $2.00 + Tax & Shipping

Hidden Hinges

Salice All Steel Construction 106 degree Opening with 2 Cam Adjustments 1/2″ Overlay 11 mm deep metal cup Bored into 3/4″ Thick Door

Price: $4.75 + Tax & Shipping

Specialty Concealed Pie Cut Corner Hinge

Made by Hafele For 3/4″ Thick Lazy Susan Doors PackingFor 3/4″ Thick Lazy Susan Doors. Priced per individual hinge.

Price: $10.00 + Tax & Shipping

Cabinet Door/Drawer Rubber Bumpers (Sheet of 132)

Sold in sheets of 132 Bumpers per sheet. The 3M™ Bumpon™ is a self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used for door and drawer cushions. The hexagonal base design used in woodworking applications as cushioning stop. Clear.

Price: $15.29 + Tax & Shipping

Rollout Spacer 1″

This rollout spacer is what Brakur uses to attach the track to the side of the cabinet when rollouts are purchased and installed in your cabinetry. Check to make sure your spacers are 1″ in depth and if so, these are the correct replacement parts. In some cases, the factory may use different spacers for unusual applications. Please measure the width to make sure your ordering the correct part. Price per individual spacer.

Price: $3.75 + Tax & Shipping