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  2018 is full of surprises and some long-standing trends are finding their way out the door.  So what should homeowners want to consider who are planning a kitchen remodel in 2018? Houzz recently released their kitchen trends for 2018, described below. More color in the kitchen – White cabinets will remain but expect more color. […]

The kids are gone and the kitchen that was once bustling is no longer used in the way it was.  For many of us there is more time to entertain and it is the perfect time for a kitchen renovation. It’s time to have a kitchen that fits your new lifestyle. So what is it […]

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Keeping a small kitchen looking tidy and clean can sometimes be tricky. It doesn’t take much clutter or stuff to make it look unkempt or untidy.  Following these few simple design tricks will help you to have a clean and attractive small kitchen. Small kitchens can be a great encouragement to help you to live […]

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Sometimes you may want to do something creative and unique at the end of a run of cabinets. It can either be for style, or even for better storage ability, but there are many things you can choose from to make it different. Here are some creative kitchen ideas that can make your kitchen work […]