Keys to the Best Closet Design

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Is a new closet design in your future plans? Many people take very little time in planning their closets, and end up with an imperfect match to their clothing and lifestyle. It’s a time where regret sets in because you end up with the feeling of “missing the mark”, which will plague you every time you walk in to get dressed.

If you’re thinking about a new closet, here are some keys to help you prepare and get the best closet design and most enjoyable closet space.

The big question – How Much do you Hang vs. fold? To meet your needs, consider the required space for all the clothing that you actually hang up (height and width), and plan for that. At the same time, look at the quantity and size of folded clothes you will want to store and plan for drawers, shelves or cubbies based on what you have.

Here are some helpful guidelines for sizing and planning:

  • Depth – Most clothing (shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, etc.) will fit inside a 24-inch deep area. Anything less may result in wider clothing protruding.
  • Folded Sweaters and Shirts – These require 9 to 15 inches of linear space.
  • Coats – Coats can take up to 68 inches in height necessary to hang.
  • Pants and Jeans – These require up to 50 inches to hang vertically (half that if folded).
  • Skirts – Skirts require up to 45 inches of vertical space hanging. And don’t forget to include dress space based on your height.

In addition to these planning items, below are more design ideas:

  • Separate into Double & Single Hanging Areas – Evaluate your wardrobe. For shirts stack 2 hanging rods one above the other. For dresses have a single hanging area with possibly shelves or cubbies above it.
  • Watch Your Corners – Corners are tricky in closets just like everywhere else. Consider corner shelves if possible to make the most of the space.
  • You’ll LOVE an Island – If you can fit an island, you’ll love it. To pull it off you’ll need 30 inches on each side (24 if you want to really squeeze). 36 inches is ideal. Islands are great places to put drawers or cubbies and a place to set things as you get ready.
  • Shoes – This is the creative part. If you’ve got room for a shoe rack of any kind, do your homework and make it fit the shoes you have. A rule of thumb is 7 to 12 inches of space per pair (deep).
  • The Little Things – Don’t forget to plan the space for things like jewelry drawers, tie/belt racks, purse hangers and such.

Sit back and relax while you design your closet and imagine getting ready every day with everything you need. Make a list, then ensure you design in as many things as possible to make your closet life amazing. It’s the perfect way to start your day right!

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