Month: February 2018

When remodeling a kitchen, there are obvious questions, and remodel questions that you wouldn’t know to ask until you’re in the middle of it. The following questions are ones you may not know you’ll be asking, but ones that are great for you to know in advance to think about. What are the “rules”? – meaning […]

Laundry can feel like a grueling chore sometimes. One way you can lighten your load is to create a more relaxing laundry room. Color can give a soothing and relaxing feel where you can feel more serene when doing the chores. These are 7 color palettes that will make your laundry room a better and […]

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What things might affect your ability to sell your home? Even in markets where many homes are going under contract within a month or two, there are certain things that may make it harder to sell your home. These are 3 features that, if your home has them, may increase the time it takes to […]

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Keeping a small kitchen looking tidy and clean can sometimes be tricky. It doesn’t take much clutter or stuff to make it look unkempt or untidy.  Following these few simple design tricks will help you to have a clean and attractive small kitchen. Small kitchens can be a great encouragement to help you to live […]

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Sometimes you may want to do something creative and unique at the end of a run of cabinets. It can either be for style, or even for better storage ability, but there are many things you can choose from to make it different. Here are some creative kitchen ideas that can make your kitchen work […]