7 Color Palettes to Make a Relaxing Laundry Room

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Laundry can feel like a grueling chore sometimes. One way you can lighten your load is to create a more relaxing laundry room. Color can give a soothing and relaxing feel where you can feel more serene when doing the chores.

These are 7 color palettes that will make your laundry room a better and more inspiring place to work. If you’re not doing a laundry room remodel, maybe you can do a paint job and achieve some of the results anyway.

  • Pale Aqua and White – This gives a soothing laundry space. Start with white then add some light color to the cabinets or walls to make it perfect.
  • Green and White – This example shows a mint green backsplash with white cabinets giving a spa-like environment to enjoy.
  • Beige and White – Lighter shades of warm colors visually expand a room by reflecting light more warmly.
  • Gray and White – White next to gray ads a crisp contrast and these two colors can be brought together for a very clean airy feel.
  • Gray and White PLUS Yellow – Add yellow to bring a cheery feel to your relaxing gray and white backdrop.
  • Blue, Gray and White – Adding another texture to gray and white for larger rooms helps to widen the feeling of your relaxing space.
  • Black and White – The right combination of black and white can also create a soothing environment for your laundry room. Possibly a mix of cabinet colors and some blending in dark color in the floor material as well.

To see these colors in action and see the full article, click here.

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