7 Remodel Questions You Didn’t Know You’d Ask

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When remodeling a kitchen, there are obvious questions, and remodel questions that you wouldn’t know to ask until you’re in the middle of it.

The following questions are ones you may not know you’ll be asking, but ones that are great for you to know in advance to think about.

  1. What are the “rules”? – meaning the building codes and other rules affecting your design based on your local area and project conditions.
  2. How should my cabinet doors and drawers open? – A tricky part of cabinet design is determining how and where the hardware is installed, and how many and style of each piece.
  3. What profile should I use for the countertops? – The shape of the edge of your countertop may seem unimportant at first, but it can make a world of difference to the look and function of your countertops.
  4. What finish should my fixtures be? – Metals come in various finishes, and you may even want to mix them for a subtle contrast.
  5. How will I mount my sink? – One early consideration is whether you’ll have a drop-in sink or an undermount model, as they affect more than just the look of the sink.
  6. What finish should my stone be? – in addition to choosing a stone, you will choose a finish of that stone. Some stone can take on a polished finish, giving it a reflective look. A honed finish appears much more soft and organic.
  7. What material should my toe kicks be? – You might assume your toe kick has to match the material of your cabinets. There are times when your cabinets may not be one consistent color. Or you’ve used a sparkling white cabinet, but you don’t want a white toe kick that gets dirty every time someone “kicks” it.

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